The WEHoRR Committee are pleased to be able to announce the Pennants which will be available for the 2019 race. Some of these will look familiar as they haven’t changed from previous years, however you will notice that some of the old ‘Status’ Pennants have been revamped. Developing the criteria for these new Pennants has taken a lot of work behind the scenes as we have attempted to give crews an opportunity to race others of a similar standard. Our intention is to ensure we respect the history and traditions of many of the pre-existing pennants, while continuing to look to move with the sport as it develops.

We have aimed to create a clear progression through each level and have tried to base these on clear, simple principles that reflect what we have seen in the results of previous years’ races.

As always, we don’t plan to sit still as an event, and will continue to review and improve where possible for subsequent years. Feedback is always gratefully received. We hope to see you all racing on the Tideway in March!