The Women’s Head exists as a not-for-profit event, where all proceeds are reinvested in developing the event for the future. Unfortunately, the race incurs many of its costs up front, regardless of whether the event proceeds on the day.

In light of the cancellation, the committee has taken the decision for the race this year to be cost neutral, and rather than retain and reinvest the surplus as normal, to return it to crews in the form of a partial refund on their entry fees. We feel that this is a fair outcome for both competitors and the race. There are two exceptions:

  1. Those crews who have elected to take up the offer from the HORR to race in their event will not receive a refund.
  2. Any crew who scratched before the cancellation will not receive a refund as they would not have been refunded if the race had gone ahead as planned.

The refund will amount to £44, being 37% of the entry fee. Refunds will be processed through BROE in due course.