Due to marshalling restrictions and the need to clear the course before the end of the designated PLA river closure, the number of crews allowed to participate is limited and we are unfortunately only able to open the invitation to the crews who featured in the amended draw published last Thursday.  There is no expectation that crews will take up this offer, but it exists for those without other plans who may wish to take advantage.

Please note that this is not a replacement for the original 2020 race and crews will race solely for time within the HORR. All rules, safety and marshalling instructions will be controlled by the HORR. No WEHoRR Pennants will be awarded based on these results, however athletes will be awarded PRI according to their finishing position. Results will be published to the WEHoRR Facebook page.

Crews may make substitutions that take them over the 50% rule only on the understanding that this cannot take them below the 100 CRI cut-off and must not be more than 6 members of the 9 changed in total.

For clarity, as this is not a replacement race, the start order for the top 50 crews in the 2021 Women’s Head will be based on the finishing positions from the 2018 race.

The HORR details regarding marshalling and safety are available from http://www.horr.co.uk/wordpress/competitor-information-menu/

WEHoRR is facilitating the coordination of the crews in the time trial and BROE2 will be open for substitutions – this is very important given PRI will be awarded for the time trial.

Eligible crews have already been contacted – please complete the form that was sent out regardless of whether or not you want to race. The form will end after a couple of quick questions if you elect not to take part. The deadline for completion is preferably 8pm on Friday 13th March but definitely by 12 noon on Saturday 14th March.

Final information will be provided to those crews who have accepted the invitation by Monday 16th March.