Although the stream and river levels have fallen enough for the PLA Ebb Flag status to change to yellow over the last few days, they remain well above the threshold where the PLA would change the flag status to green. This means that we need to increase the gaps between crews to allow for safe marshalling and navigation within the allotted river closure time for the event, which we are unable to extend. The unfortunate consequence of this is a reduction in the number of crews that we can safely include in the draw. In these conditions, we believe that the appropriate number of crews is around half of the original field. To reach this number we have considered the CRIs of crews as the primary metric related to race experience. This has been a tough decision for the committee to make, and we sympathise with all those who will be disappointed not to race on Saturday. We have decided to make this call now rather than later in an effort to give as many crews as possible the opportunity to race, while providing enough notice to those who will sadly miss out.

A revised draw is available here.

Please note that this may affect the awarding of some Pennants as our rules require that there are 3 competitors racing for the Pennant to be awarded.

If your crew has been withdrawn from the race at this point, please do not contact us about refunds. As a committee we are still hard at work organising the race on Saturday, and we will deal with any refund details after the weekend.